Alchymy works with organisations of all types, sizes and orientations. We help them focus on strategic intent, figure out the way forward, and address specific problems and barriers they may face.

Our experience includes:

  • Building learning projects to support operations centres including 225 roles (Dublin), 400 roles (Barcelona) and 700 roles (Manchester)
  • Designing and managing learning projects to enable major change projects impacting 11,500 staff across Europe
  • Organisation analysis, such as a national review for a leading not-for-profit health services provider
  • Strategic & business planning, from Public Sector bodies providing services to over 30,000 individals per annum, to small & family enterprises
  • Designing tender submissions on behalf of clients, including securing the administration of €350m+ annual grant funding
  • Designing complex solutions, such a national consortium to provide skills training for 20,000 staff across the Health Sector
  • Establishing accredited service providers, including Ireland’s first Hague accredited Adoption Agency
  • Securing investment / funding for client organisations – over €45m raised to date
  • Business / operations reviews for small and medium sized organisation, including market leading niche retailers.