Leadership: Human Towers

Dec 5, 2019 Uncategorised

Leadership: Human Towers

Some of the essentials of leadership can be observed when learning from the brave souls who build free-standing human towers in Eastern Spain.

Dating from the early 18th century communities have come together to build Castells, showcasing bravery, teamwork, trust and yes – leadership. And long before some of these terms were fashionable.

Coming together colles work to secure a human foundation (pinya), pressing in tight to create a concrete-like base, and then to add more and more levels, climbing into the sky. The current record is 10 storeys – with the uppermost layers created by younger and younger members.

The largest tower might include up to 700 or 800 people all told. All working together – in solidarity and with team spirit. When practicing for the biggest festivals – and creating the biggest towers, it is unlikely a complete rehearsal can be attempted. So Castellers will practice in smaller teams – working on their own, prior to events. And this is all voluntary.

So how do they do it? How do they organise, come together, and carefully – and safely – build such structures?

Culture, community, commitment, Practice. And always building trust.

Leadership – and teamwork – in action.

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Image Credit: @_López-Monné_Tarragona_Turisme